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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Patterns That Make Me Sigh With Longing Part One

...or, Things I Must Knit Before I Die - Magazine Edition

Apricot Jacket
Rebecca 27

Red Jacket w/Peplum
Rebecca 22

Blackcurrant Ice Cream
By Jean Moss
Knitting April 2005

“Beaded Stitch Cardigan”
By Jean Moss
Vogue Spr/Sum 98

“Lavender Cables Jacket”
By Gayle Bunn
Vogue Holiday 04

Tartan Jacket
By Teva Durham
IWK Fall 2004

Silk Road Cardigan
By Jo Sharp
IWK Fall 2004

By Elsebeth Lavold
Knitter’s 72

Round Trip
By Kay Dahlquist
Knitter’s 72

Tie-Waist Raglan
By Robin Melanson
Knitter’s 76

By Natalie Wilson
Knitter’s 76

Mitered Mozart
By Candace Eisner Strick
Knitter’s 58

Eriskay Cardigan
By Jean Moss
Knitter’s 60